Brad Evan Taylor

Statement of Work – Ceramic Sculpture – Masses

Brad Evan Taylor
I test matter, and choose the most eloquent of translucent whites. I challenge my strength with the resistance of my materials
– pushing us both to our physical limits. I explore the potentials of clay; and I choreograph the movement of mass
– fire collaborates; but I control and limit its input. These works speak to phenomenology, experience, and context.

I am obsessed with clay: I love the possibilities, the colors, the smell, and the touch – at once so soft that it squishes between my fingers, and so sharp and dense that it could slice them. From particles, to sludge, to balls of clay like mud patties – Ceramic becomes hard in increments of density – fired to barely hard to dense to vitrified to fragments to dust again – a continuing cycle.

I find inspiration in the Landscape – Materials-science, and Geology. I reference and juxtapose air and earth – hoping to imbue these works with a sense of both Compression and Levitation. I consider these works finished at many states in their existence: I continue pushing, and pulling, and challenging them with fire, until I recognize a State that demands to be left. Even then, these masses will change. I have chosen to work with the contrasts of density and fragility – these works will shed; then erode to an end I will be unable to control. They take on the experience of time. I observe these changes; and accept their evolution beyond my final choices.

Objects exist in space. They have a formal relationship to that space, and their impact relies on the context of viewing. Experiencing sculpture is a physical encounter. My physical relationship to the mass triggers thoughts and feelings in response. Relationship, and the thoughts provoked, link directly to our bodies and the scale at which we exist. This relationship of body / object / environment creates the ever-changing dialogue of sculptural experience. When Proximity, Time, Body, Object, and Environment, trigger chains of developing thought; I believe my work is at its best.

Materials, Action, Landscape, Site, Non-site – Wonder at the nature of things – I accumulate a sense of place – the place where the clay and grasses are gathered, the place they are fired, then where returned – a physical space where the relationship of viewer and sculpture exist. These experiences teach me how to better see, and now to better observe – quietly and with great force. This is the power of quiet observation and relationship – it is my realization of a sense of wonder.

New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, N.Y.S.C.C.A.; Alfred, New York, U.S.A.

M.F.A. – Master of Fine Arts 1992

University of Utah; Salt Lake City, Utah

B.F.A. – Bachelor of Fine Arts 1988 – Cum Laude

2008–Present Assistant Professor of Art, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Honolulu, HI

2007–2008 Associate/Assistant Professor of Ceramic Art, Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea

2004–2006 Visiting Professor of Ceramics, Part-Time Hongik University; Graduate School of Industrial Ceramics, Seoul, Korea

1994–2002 Assistant Professor / Lecturer / Associate Instructor; University of Utah; Department of Art and Art History, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

2009 Ceramic Agora

World Ceramic Biennale 2009 Korea, Invitational Poster and Web Symposium,

2007 ICMEA Conference – International Ceramic Magazine Editors Association

Presentation, “Ceramics, and It’s Relationship to Environment”

Fuping Pottery Art Village, Shaanxi, China, November 4-9, 2007

2006 Korea Society of Ceramic Art International Symposium

Presentation, “Art, Ceramics, Environment, and Site Specificity”

Additionally, paper published in KSCA 2006 Proceedings Journal (See Publications). Suwon University, Suwon, Korea

NCECA 2005 – New Work

Presentation, “Brad Evan Taylor, Monumental Ceramic Sculpture”

New Program Series, 3 Artists selected by proposal review to present new bodies of work, Additionally, paper published in NCECA Journal 2005 (See Publications). Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland.

Jindezhen International Art Education Conference

Presentation, “Brad E. Taylor, Large-scale Ceramic Sculpture”

Additionally, paper published, “Publish or Perish,” in Proceedings Catalog (See Publications), Concurrent Exhibition, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Jindezhen, China, 2004

GilGol Society Ceramic Symposium -Contemporary ceramics with an international perspective

Presentation, “Art First, a Survey of Contemporary Art using Ceramic Materials,”

Additionally, paper published in GilGol Journal 2004 Seoul National University of Technology, Seoul, Korea, 2004

Anseong Machum International Ceramic Workshop and Symposium

Presentation, “Brad E.Taylor, Large-scale Ceramic Sculpture,”

Anseong Machum Museum, Anseong, Korea, 2003

“Spiral Mass – Icheon”; Icheon City Park, World Ceramic Exposition Site, Installed: Spring 2005

Commissioned by W.O.C.E.F. and Created through the Residency for Outdoor Sculpture

“Glaciated Mass”; Salt Lake County Exposition Center – Southtowne, Sandy, Utah

Awarded through Percent for Arts Competition, Installation: 2002-2003

“Murray Stacks”; Murray Transit / Trax Station, Art in Transit

Awarded through Percent for Arts Competition, Installation: 2000-2001

“Clio”; Park City Transit Center, Collaborative with Kerri L. Buxton, Group Project- “Muses”

Awarded through Percent for Arts Competition, Installation: 2000

“Scattered Leaves”; Murray Transit / Trax Station, Art in Transit, with K. Buxton

Awarded through Percent for Arts Competition, Installation: 1999-2000

“Knotted Cottonwood Leaves”; Murray Transit / Trax Station, Art in Transit, with K. Buxton

Awarded through Percent for Arts Competition, Installation: 1999-2000

“Resolution / Revolution I &II”; New Years Eve 2001-2002, 2000-2001, Mentor/Collaborator, Interactive Kinetic Sculpture, First Night Celebration, Gallivan Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

Commissioned by: Downtown Alliance, proceeds to benefit the U/U Sculpture Program.


Jingdezhen Contemporary International Ceramics Exhibition, Juried Exhibition, Jingdezhen, China

2009 Ulsan International Onggi Competition, Juried Exhibition, Ulsan, Korea

University of Utah Alumni Exhibition, Invitational Exhibition, Gittens Gallery, University of Utah, Salt lake City, Utah

Hawai’i Craftsmen’s 42nd Annual Statewide Exhibition, Juried Exhibition, Honolulu Academy At Linekona, Honolulu, Hawai’i

Faculty Art Exhibition, The University of Hawai’i Art Gallery, Honolulu, Hawai’i

The 10th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition, Invitational Exhibition, The University of Hawai’i Art Gallery, Honolulu, Hawai’i

The 5th World Ceramic Biennale, International Competition, Juried Exhibition, Juror’s Award, W.O.C.E.F. Museum, Icheon, Korea

Coagulation and Diffusion, Seoul National University of Technology, Ceramic Arts for 30 Years, Invitational Exhibition, KEPCO Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Korean Pyroplastic Line, Invitational Solo Exhibition at Han Hyang Lim Gallery, Heyri, Korea

2008 Ceramic Art Exhibition, With Clay, With Friendship, With World, Web and CD exchange exhibition organized by Seoul National University of Technology,

Hawai’i Craftsmen’s 41st Annual Statewide Exhibition, Juried Exhibition, Honolulu Academy At Linekona, Honolulu, Hawai’i

Exquisite Collections, UK Museum of Treasure, Invitational Exhibition and Auction to Benefit the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake, Hong Kong

The Inaugural Exhibition of the Li Ziyuan Ceramic Art Museum, Invitational Exhibition in conjunction with a workshop and seminar celebrating the opening of the Museum, Zibo, China

Macsabal, International Invitational Exhibition in conjuction with the Macsabal Workshop 2008 , Osan Art Center, Osan, Korea

East West Mashiko, Invitational Group Exhibition, Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art, Mashiko, Japan


Finding Lost Values, International Invitational Exhibition, Cheongju Biennale, Cheongju, Korea

Korean Craft Council Members Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Korea

Macsabal, International Invitational Exhibition, Gallery 31 and Gallery GAK, Insadong, Seoul, Korea

By The Ounce, Juried Exhibition, Louisville, Kentucky, NCECA 2007


White Gold, International Traveling Exhibition, Curator: Jenny Beavan Sponsorship by Imerys Corporation, Traveling through UK and Germany 2005-07

Watershed Anniversary Exhibition, SAC Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

East & West Clay Works Exhibition, International Invitational, East West Ceramic Artists Association, Korea Craft Promotion Foundation Gallery, Insadong, Seoul, Korea

Taste of the Masters, International Invitational Exhibition, Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute Gallery, Jingdezhen, China

Korean Craft Council Members Exhibition, Deagu Museum of Art, Deagu, Korea

Orton Conebox Show, NCECA 2006 Portland, Oregon Traveling Exhibition; Baker College, Highland Community College, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Rebirth of the Artists Hands, Invitational Exhibition, Sun Gallery, Insadong, Seoul

World Ceramic Exposition Foundation Competition Review, Curator: Jeong Gurl Suh W.O.C.E.F. Museum, Icheon, Korea, 2005-06


Third World Ceramic Biennale Competition, W.O.C.E.F. Museum, Icheon, Korea – Juried

Korean Craft Council Members Exhibition, Table Settings, World Ceramic Exposition Center, Icheon, Korea, Exhibition Coordinator: Professor SunWoo Park, S.N.U.T.

Sculpture in the Landscape, Outdoor Sculpture Installation to coincide with the Third World, Ceramic Biennale Korea, Icheon City Park, Icheon, Korea, Curator: Jeong Gurl Suh

Selections from the Permanent Collection, W.O.C.E.F. Museum, Curator: Jeong Gurl Suh

Korean Craft Council Members Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Korea

Building Bridges; Mary Elizabeth D. Shaw Gallery, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah, Jurors Award, Juror: Tom Kass -B/T

Asian Ceramics Network; Insadong, Seoul, Korea


Small Masses; One Person Exhibition, Tong-In Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Jil Gol Exhibition; Invited Artist, Seoul National University of Technology, Seoul, Korea

Gaolin Invitational; International Invitational Exhibition, Jingdezhen, China

1000 Years of Porcelain; Jingdezhen Cermics Institute Gallery, Jingdezhen, China

Utah Ceramics Invitational; Mary Elizabeth D. Shaw Gallery, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah, Curators: Professor David Cox, Director Scott Knauer

Tea, Anyone?–The Donna Moog Teapot Collection; Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin –B/T


Second World Ceramic Biennale Korea-International Competition; W.O.C.E.F. Museum,Jurors Choice Award, Icheon, Korea

NCECA Juried Members Exhibition; Stevenson Gallery, San Diego, California – Juried

Anseong Machum International Invitational Exhibition; Anseong Machum Museum, Anseong, Korea

Peters Valley Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition; Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, New Jersey

University of Utah Invitational Exhibition; Four person show, Gittens Gallery, Salt Lake City

KonKuk University Professor Exhibition; KonKuk University, Seoul, Korea


Brad Evan Taylor –Time Works / Cubes and Discs; Finch Lane Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah – Solo Exhibition

World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, W.O.C.E.F., Icheon, Korea “Spiral Mass-Icheon”, “Compressed Mass-Folded/Rolled

Anseong Machum Museum, “Site Compression Series II”, Anseong, Korea

Salt Lake County Public Art Collection, “Glaciated Mass”, Sandy, Utah, U.S.A.

Salt Lake County Fine Art Collection, “Mass-Compressed/Rolled/Cubed”, South Salt Lake, Utah

Murray City Art Collection/Utah Transit Authority, Art in Transit, Murray, Utah, “Murray Stacks”, “Scattered Leaves”, “Knotted Cottonwood Leaves”

Park City Chamber of Commerce, “Clio”, Park City, Utah

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John Michael Kohler Arts Center, “Spiral Mass”, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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